Eyewitness Evidence: Analyzing Public Perceptions

Eric M Branson, Tennessee State University


This research project analyzed the attitudes and opinions of middle Tennessee residents regarding eyewitness evidence and eyewitness reforms. The survey sample included employees at a middle Tennessee District Attorney's office, employees at two private employers, and attendees of a middle Tennessee Pentecostal church. The independent variables examined in this research design were age, gender, educational level, and nature of employment (criminal justice or not). Spearmans rho was utilized to evaluate the data and provide statistical information regarding correlation and statistical significance. The results of the survey indicated a relationship between level of education and attitudes concerning eyewitness reforms. No other variables displayed a statistically significant relationship.

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Eric M Branson, "Eyewitness Evidence: Analyzing Public Perceptions" (2011). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI1497832.