Effect of Supplemental Grower/Finisher Ration on Protein Level on Performance of Crossbred Meat Goats Grazing Joy Chicory

Syrita LaVonne Murray, Tennessee State University


The effects of supplemental grower/finisher ration on protein level on the performance of crossbred meat goats while grazing Joy chicory were studied. Thirty weaned F1 crossbred male and female kids (Kiko x Boer, Kiko x Spanish, and Spanish x Boer) were blocked by body weight and randomly assigned to three supplemental grower/finisher rations containing 11, 16, or 21% crude protein level, making sure each genotype and sex is equally represented in each treatment group. Each treatment group was replicated in two Joy chicory paddocks with five animals per paddock and supplemented free choice with its respective treatment ration for fifty-six days. The data generated from the experiment was analyzed via analysis of variance (ANOVA) for a randomized complete block design with the model including grower/finisher ration protein level, block, genotype, sex, and interaction effects. Average daily gain and TWG were significantly higher for the 16% protein level (P< 0.05) than for the 11 and 21% protein levels. Total supplement consumption was highest (P< 0.05) for the 16 and 21% protein levels (37.46 and 36.79 kg, respectively). The 11% protein level was significantly lower (P< 0.05) than 16 and 21% protein levels for supplement efficiency. Hot carcass weight was significantly lower (P < 0.05) for goats fed the 11% protein level. Hot carcass dressing percentage was higher (P < 0.05) for the 21% protein level while the 11 and 16% levels were similar. Kidney, pelvic, and heart fat increased linearly with increase in dietary protein level. Backfat thickness had a similar trend; however, there was not a statistical significance between the three protein levels. Boneless retail cut was significantly greater for the 16 and 21% protein levels. The findings suggest that the optimal supplemental crude protein level for finishing weaned crossbred meat goats grazing Joy chicory is 16%. Increasing the supplemental protein level from 16 to 21% did not show an improvement in performance or carcass characteristics. Varying the amount of protein levels did not have an effect on blood chemistry and hemogram of the experimental goats.

Subject Area

Food Science|Animal sciences

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Syrita LaVonne Murray, "Effect of Supplemental Grower/Finisher Ration on Protein Level on Performance of Crossbred Meat Goats Grazing Joy Chicory" (2011). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI1492280.