Development of a network based commercial broadcasting system

Ronald Dwyane Davis, Tennessee State University


A network based commercial broadcasting system transmits high definition multimedia files from a central location of an organization to any desired site regardless of geographical location. This is a significant topic because this technology provides the management of an organization with the means to communicate both with their customers and with their employees in near real time by giving them the ability to update and distribute their message within a twenty-four hour period. In addition, this technology has the potential for widespread adaption and use in numerous fields and it may be implemented in any location in the world that has access to the Internet. The needs analysis revealed that the system would require four subsystems: a user interface subsystem, a control subsystem, a local storage subsystem, and a file server subsystem. Three alternatives were analyzed for each subsystem and one was selected for each. The following were selected as subsystems: a personal computer running a unique program created specifically for this system (control), a disk file system, (local storage), a graphical user interface (GUI) created specifically for this system (user interface), and an online file host (file server). A prototype of the system was constructed and thoroughly tested. The prototype functions properly and meets all of the requirements of the system.

Subject Area

Computer Engineering|Information Technology|Multimedia Communications|Systems science

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Ronald Dwyane Davis, "Development of a network based commercial broadcasting system" (2009). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI1477022.