Development of system automation and monitoring tool for heterogeneous platforms

Ayad Abdul-Malek, Tennessee State University


Companies with midrange computers and mainframes constantly struggle with system automation needs. New applications are being developed and current applications are being improved to meet new business requirements, but they lack a tool to automate tasks and system communication at program level. Having an open system that facilitates automation is needed, in addition to development of a graphical interface to be able to visualize the results in a web environment using state of the art technology. The system determines available and finished tasks and produce automated functions like invoking programs, distributing reports, or monitoring for system failures and alerting the system operators. The project develops tools to access and update the Queues monitored by the system to accomplish the tasks at hand. It generates a web interface to act as the end-user modernized look of mainframe/midrange data. Full feasibility study of how it can be used to improve system automation is also provided. The system performs monitoring and shows how heterogeneous communication between different platforms can be accomplished. The solution is based on a Queue concept, the core piece of this solution is a subsystem monitoring with a daemon that is waiting for requests to be processed. The automated monitor tool has been successfully implemented and evaluated using both ISeries and Linux servers.

Subject Area

Computer Engineering|Systems science|Computer science

Recommended Citation

Ayad Abdul-Malek, "Development of system automation and monitoring tool for heterogeneous platforms" (2010). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI1476664.