Weight training and body conditioning for high school athletes

Rubin Campbell, Tennessee State University


The proposed Weight and Body Conditioning Program for High School Athletes focuses on Exercises that can be performed without the use of expensive gym equipment. Often public schools do not have the financial resources that private school have to create state-of-the art exercise and training rooms for athletes. In addition, public schools are frequently the victims of budget cuts such that many times they do not have the bare necessities in athletic equipment. In recent years restricted school funds have negatively impacted the athletic program in public schools. Therefore, this study addresses concerns about the athletic program by looking at alternative ways athletes can achieve optimum success despite not having expensive gym equipment. The goal of the proposed Weight Training and Body Conditioning Program for High School Athletes is not to improve athletes’ playing ability; rather, its focus is to enhance athletes’ health and body condition. Recognizing that begin an athlete is not a guarantee of good health, this study will promote effective ways to enhance the cardiovascular system, develop body tone, and develop strength and flexibility to keep bones solid, muscles and joints strong, and offset anxiety and depression.

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Rubin Campbell, "Weight training and body conditioning for high school athletes" (2010). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI1476506.