Perceptions of domestic violence and strangulation

Tara Ashley Wyllie, Tennessee State University


A survey of Sumner County residents was administered by this researcher to individuals who work in or are involved with the Criminal Justice system in Sumner County. The respondents included victims of domestic violence and criminal defendants charged with committing domestic violence. The purpose of this voluntary survey was to determine the perceptions of Sumner County residents regarding domestic violence and specifically a strangulation law. A survey was distributed to one hundred and eighty one (181) individuals who were involved in the Criminal Justice System in Sumner County. Of the one hundred and eighty one surveys distributed, all were returned, but some had missing information, yielding a response rate of eighty-eight (88%) percent. The study‘s major findings were that a majority of those surveyed would support a law addressing strangulation. Predominately, females were more likely than males to agree that a law would be beneficial and should be passed by the Tennessee Legislature.

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Tara Ashley Wyllie, "Perceptions of domestic violence and strangulation" (2010). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI1476495.