Development of localization software system for tracking of mobile sensors in a wireless sensor network

Sita Manohar Gudivada, Tennessee State University


The applications of large scale wireless mobile sensor network require position information of the mobile sensors in order to process the sensed data. Also, in movement planning of the mobile sensors, position information is necessary for movement calculation. Integrating GPS devices in all the mobile sensors is too expensive a solution for large scale applications. In this thesis, mobile sensors localization software system was developed and implemented based on the probabilistic approach i.e., particle filters theory. The mobile sensors are localized based on their previous location information, previous commands used in the movement of the mobile sensors and observations from the mobile sensors neighbors. The constraints taken into consideration in this research are: the number of neighbors for each mobile sensor, the communication range of the mobile sensors and the percentage uncertainty in mobile sensors movement. The systems engineering approach was followed for the development of the localization software. Simulation results show successful implementation of the developed software. The developed software was tested under different environmental conditions such as number of mobile sensors, mobile sensors communication range and the percentage uncertainty. In all the scenarios, localizations of the mobile sensors were estimated and potential locations of each mobile sensor were computed. The detailed software development and simulation results of the mobile sensors localization software is presented in this thesis report.

Subject Area

Computer Engineering|Robotics

Recommended Citation

Sita Manohar Gudivada, "Development of localization software system for tracking of mobile sensors in a wireless sensor network" (2010). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI1476481.