The impact of gender on standardized testing a meta-analysis of existing studies, 1987-2007

Kelicia Nicole Hendrix, Tennessee State University


The history behind gender and its relationship to standardized test performance has proven to be quite extensive and of great significance. Research has indicated that these two entities have become of great interest in the growing field of education and the arena of higher education. The two tests of major significance to many American students and colleges and universities alike are the American College Test (ACT) and the SAT's, both tests being of great significance to students who are pursuing the path of higher education. The issue and the concern at the center of controversy is whether or not these two particular college entrance exams are "fair" and "equal" in assessing educational potentials of future students as these tests and their results being heavily weighted in the admissions processes of many colleges/universities in that these tests have been deemed to under predict the performance of female students while over predicting those of male students. The review of literature for this study supported the results from the meta-analysis in that even though females were considered to be more competitive in terms of grades and having earned a higher grade point average than that of their male counterparts, the males were in turn more competitive in terms of having earned higher test scores and composite scores on both major college entrance exams, outscoring females who had in turn had higher grades in the courses that were tested on the exams and higher overall grade point averages in high school. From the literature review, it was found that many college entrance exams used by colleges and universities to predict future performance of their potential students, over predicts the performance of male students while under predicting those of females, which was supported by the literature review and studies selected and interpreted from the results of the meta-analysis.

Subject Area

Educational tests & measurements|Educational psychology|Higher education

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Kelicia Nicole Hendrix, "The impact of gender on standardized testing a meta-analysis of existing studies, 1987-2007" (2009). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI1473387.