Weblog writing and post-process ecocomposition theory in secondary English instruction

Jason R Peterson, Tennessee State University


This research explores post-process ecocomposition theory as it applies to weblog writing in secondary English education. 21st century writing skills are necessary for students to develop, and teachers need to be aware of the environment in which these skills are used. This research shows how weblog writing addresses these 21st century writing skills and how a post-process ecocomposition theoretical viewpoint can lead to a successful implementation of these skills. The research includes a survey of post-process ecocomposition literature, an analysis of weblog features, and an examination of how teachers can use these features to encourage meaningful writing in their classrooms. ^

Subject Area

Education, Language and Literature|Education, Secondary|Language, Rhetoric and Composition

Recommended Citation

Jason R Peterson, "Weblog writing and post-process ecocomposition theory in secondary English instruction" (2009). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI1469274.