Linear system stability: Stability radii and robustness

Janaar Harbour, Tennessee State University


Stability analysis is the major qualitative property of a dynamic system. In this thesis, we investigate the robust stability of linear systems via stability radii. We introduce the terminology, provide efficient and novel applications of stability radii both in the real and complex domains. Basically, it measures the distance between a stable and unstable system of the same form and dimension and in our case mainly linear systems. We further investigated special cases of admissible perturbation of linear systems such as structured and non-structured for non-negative and Metzelerian matrices. Finally, we compared the stability radii measure under real and complex parameter perturbations. We provided examples to illustrate our obtained results.

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Janaar Harbour, "Linear system stability: Stability radii and robustness" (2008). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI1456760.