Design of Web Semantic Integration System

Jun Han, Tennessee State University


Thesis investigates the needs and technical possibility, and designed and developed a Web Semantic Integration System prototype (WSIS prototype). The framework can support to develop applications for web data integration. The prototype is a model-based mediation system. The prototype consists of three subsystems, Data model subsystem, Mediation subsystem and retrieval subsystem. The retrieval subsystem is designed as application-independent. The subsystem provides a general functionality to retrieve web document from any websites and wrap it into the Document Object Model (DOM). The DOM represents the general web document as structured tree. To extract domain-interested data from a web document, developers can navigate the DOM tree instead of coding a special wrapper. The strategy decrease development cycle. Another strategy in the design is to use layered data model. The prototype employs a set of data models. Like the fundamental concepts of network layers, the prototype has a set of data model in different layers. The data models work as the interfaces between subsystems or components. Data flows from lower semantic layer to higher semantic layer. The design makes that the data integration process is simpler. To demonstrate the designed WSIS prototype, the thesis developed three test cases, (1) Integrating post office's mail tracking function into an information management system, (2) Real Estate information integration, the application integrates three websites information into an application, (3) News information integration. All of three cases base on the WSIS prototype; most of components in the prototype can be reused for different domain application.

Subject Area

Computer science

Recommended Citation

Jun Han, "Design of Web Semantic Integration System" (2008). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI1453389.