Interplay of SIK3 and NFAT5 in Salt Induced Inflammatory Responses in Breast Cancer Cells

Pooja Reddy Yenuga, Tennessee State University


Chronic inflammation plays an important role in causing cancer. In previous studies, our laboratory showed that the synergistic effect of high salt (0.05 Mm of NaCl) and sub- effective IL-17 induces the cancer cell proliferation and metastasis. SIK3 and NFAT5 are used as important biomarkers of cancer due to the role of these two proteins with the synergistic effect of high salt and IL-17 in inducing cancer cell proliferation and metastasis and also in cancer treatment development. The action of these proteins towards cancer is similar. To know the interplay of SIK3 and NFAT5 on MCF-7 cells, luciferase assay, immunohistochemistry, and proximity ligation were performed. The luciferase study was used to determine NFAT5 binding to the SIK3 promoter on particular sequence. These were treated with high salt and sub-minimal IL-17 synergy effect and they showed positive result of increase in luciferase graph. To know the co- localization of these proteins’ immunohistochemistry was performed. In this study only negative controls have been tested with SIK3 expressing the protein target in the cytoplasm of the cell and thus showing more FITC staining than the DAPI staining. As NFAT5 is a transcription factor it exhibits protein expression both in cytoplasm and nucleus of the cell. Proximity ligation assay was performed to know the SIK3 and NFAT5 protein interaction at high sensitivity and specificity, which failed and gave negative results. In future, PLA technique would be performed to study the properties of SIK3 and NFAT5 in increasing efficiency of the current cancer treatment.

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Biology|Molecular biology|Cellular biology|Public health|Physiology|Epidemiology|Oncology

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Pooja Reddy Yenuga, "Interplay of SIK3 and NFAT5 in Salt Induced Inflammatory Responses in Breast Cancer Cells" (2019). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI13814927.