Society's Perceptions about Sex Offenders

Mohammed Alawi, Tennessee State University


This vignette study is instituted as an observation of the different perceptions which society holds on sex offenders. The research employed a questionnaire to 200 respondents selected conveniently as participants to the study. Apart from the main demographic variables, four main independent variables were tested on their impact on the perspective and opinion of the society concerning sex offenders and sex offenses. The independent variables under study were age, gender, religion, marital status, and their significance in shaping social attitudes to sex offenders. A self-administering questionnaire was the primary instrument for the survey and was distributed to the 200 respondents. The study incorporated extensive research from books, journals and other scholarly works as major sources of secondary data. The null hypothesis tested that there will be no significance difference in impact of age, gender, religion and marital status on the social perspective of sex offenders. A correlation analysis of the study indicated however, that some of the independent variables held more predictive effects on determining the perspective of the society towards sex offenders. The null hypotheses could not be rejected.

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Mohammed Alawi, "Society's Perceptions about Sex Offenders" (2019). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI13813033.