Network Performance Analysis on a Containerized Testbed

Cassandra L Brown, Tennessee State University


Today, businesses use container technology to store, deploy and process data and applications due to its portability and efficiency. This thesis focuses on the network performance of running a containerization technology on a bare metal and virtual infrastructure. A container-based network performance testbed (CBT) was designed to test and run containers on the BM and VM platforms. This thesis measures the bandwidth and throughput rates of each platform and investigates whether there is a significant difference. Observations focus on the containerization technology's effect on the network performance of the BM and VMs. Network tools were used to test and collect data on each platform. It provides a statistical analysis and implementation of a container-based network performance testbed. This investigation observes that there is a statistical difference in bandwidth and throughput rates when running containers on VM and BM.

Subject Area

Information Technology|Engineering|Computer science

Recommended Citation

Cassandra L Brown, "Network Performance Analysis on a Containerized Testbed" (2018). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI10978996.