Unprecedented Styryl Esters from RCOOPdH Species and Styryltrifluoroborates

Musa Aman, Tennessee State University


Palladium inserted hydridopalladium species represents as RCOOPdH. Our focus is to react this species with potassium styryltrifluoroborates to synthesize new kinds of styryl ester compounds. This kind of compound is mostly unknown in the literature. Esters are chemical compounds with many practical uses. These uses include but are not limited to major industrial petrochemicals, medical inhibitors, and cosmetic ingredients. Esters observe in the basic building blocks of life, animal cells. These common esters also call cholesterol esters, or neutral fats. Some common esterification techniques include Fischer esterification, Yamaguchi esterification, etc. In our study, we explore unprecedented approaches for the synthesis of styryl esters, not formed by typical ester processes. Therefore, this new process of introducing the ArCOOPdH species and potassium styryltrifluoroborates attract many chemists. The resulting cross-coupling products from these two species and their mechanism displays in this thesis.

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Musa Aman, "Unprecedented Styryl Esters from RCOOPdH Species and Styryltrifluoroborates" (2018). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI10842317.