The Impact of Sexual Education on Sexual Activity and Pregnancy Awareness in Young Adults

Anjelica Greene, Tennessee State University


The epidemic of adolescent pregnancy is an alarming problem in the United States. Although many efforts have been made to reduce the rates of adolescent pregnancy, they have not proven to have the effect to remove the United States from the top of the list of rates of adolescent pregnancies among all industrialized countries. Sexual education efforts are instituted in school and community settings. These programs vary across many different factors. These differing factors may cause differences in the impact of the program on the immediate and long term lives of those whom participate in the program. The goal of sexual education is not only to educate about physical health, specifically sexual health, but to inform the students and in turn enable them to make decisions that promote health. The purpose of this study is to identify some of those factors that aid in reducing sexual activity and increasing pregnancy awareness. Participants are college students in the Southeastern United States between the ages of 18-25. Participants will complete three surveys which will collect information regarding experiences with sexual education, sexual activity, and pregnancy awareness.

Subject Area

Sexuality|Educational psychology|Health education

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Anjelica Greene, "The Impact of Sexual Education on Sexual Activity and Pregnancy Awareness in Young Adults" (2018). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI10787454.