Development of an Intelligent Control System for Integrated Airframe-propulsion Control of Aircrafts

Kevin E Terrell, Tennessee State University


Loss of control in-flight (LOC-I) is an important topic in the realm of aircraft crashes. Mechanical failure is one area LOC-I is investigated to reduce commercial aircraft crashes. In this dissertation, an intelligent control system for integrated airframe-propulsion control was developed, implemented, verified and validated. The systems engineering approach was followed in the development of the intelligent control system. The flight control system was divided into three subsystems, the baseline control subsystem (BCS), the fusion control subsystem (FCS), and the failure accommodation subsystem (FAS). The BCS was developed based on model reference adaptive control (MRAC) method and three adaptive controllers were developed for specified or known operating conditions. The FCS was developed to address an issue with normal flight control that was addressed in the literature by an indicator function technique. The FCS uses ANFIS controllers replicate the ability of the indicator function as well as solve the issue that the indicator function has when unknown operating conditions are presented. The FAS was developed using a fuzzy logic controller to recover or maintain flight after a mechanical failure has occurred in the left elevators of the aircraft flight surfaces. The FAS takes in the throttle control signal from the output of the FCS and when a failure has been identified it provides an adjusted percentage of the throttle to correct the aircraft flight path. The FAS represents the integration of airframe-propulsion control. The verification of the FCS and FAS produced a total percent error of less than 10% and less than 15 %, respectively, based on observing the key states of the aircraft for performance which were latitude, longitude, and altitude. The observed results from testing/verification showed that the system requirements were met as desired. The subsystem implementation, the testing of the BCS, FCS, and FAS subsystems will be presented in this dissertation report.

Subject Area

Engineering|Electrical engineering

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Kevin E Terrell, "Development of an Intelligent Control System for Integrated Airframe-propulsion Control of Aircrafts" (2018). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI10787002.