Assessing the Demand for Locally Grown Hops in Tennessee

Jeremy D Young, Tennessee State University


Hops are an essential ingredient in the beer making process. The overall goal of the study is to examine the demand for locally grown hops in micro-breweries throughout the state of Tennessee. Primary data was collected through telephone surveys for the study. Microbreweries were targeted in the study due to the use of specialty hops. Tennessee State University’s Institutional Review Board’s approval was achieved. Results confirm the assumption that there is a demand for both locally grown organic and inorganic hops in Tennessee. Most breweries are also willing to pay more for the locally grown organic hops.

Subject Area

Agriculture|Agricultural economics

Recommended Citation

Jeremy D Young, "Assessing the Demand for Locally Grown Hops in Tennessee" (2017). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI10642544.