Degradation Studies of Three Commonly Used Pharmaceutical Products

Tasnim Rahman, Tennessee State University


The use of pharmaceutical and personal care products (PPCs) in our day-to-day life is essential. But extensive dependency on PPCs is in some way contaminating the environment. Domestic and industrial release of PPCs has an adverse effect on evolution of plants, animals, and sh. Among the various methods of treating waste water, ozonolysis is a popular method. But studies have shown that after ozonolysis PPCs are still present in the treated water. This study is related to the degradation of three widely used and popular pharmaceutical products: hydrocortisone (ani-inflammatory drug), acetaminophen(analgesic) and tetracycline(antibiotic) by ozonolysis. For this study, these products were treated by ozone for a certain period of time and analyzed by different analytical methods. Chapter one of this thesis presents the effect of PPCs in the environment. The effort is to gain insight about some drugs which are mostly used and also harmful to environment. The relevance of this study with ozonolysis of some popular pharmaceutical products is also discussed in this chapter. Chapter two presents experimental detail of ozonolysis procedure and samples preparation for analytical purpose. The third chapter is about hydrocortisone. By using HPLC data it can be concluded that after 100 minutes of ozonolysis complete degradation of hydrocortisone was accomplished. IR and NMR spectrum indicates the C=C double bond breaks down. The fourth chapter is related to the degradation study of acetaminophen. HPLC data analysis of 150 minutes ozone treated acetaminophen indicates partial degradation of acetaminophen. NMR spectrum indicates the presence of two different degradation products after 150 minutes of ozonolysis of acetaminophen. In the fifth chapter, studies related to tetracycline is presented. From the HPLC data it can be concluded that complete degradation occurred after 100 minutes of ozone treatment. IR spectrum indicates breaking of C=C bond in the degradation product. The last chapter provides summary and future direction of this work.

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Tasnim Rahman, "Degradation Studies of Three Commonly Used Pharmaceutical Products" (2017). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI10602441.