Study of the Possible Inhibition of Melanin Synthesis by Select Compounds

Enas Ahmed A Alshaeri, Tennessee State University


Previous research conducted in our laboratory had indicated that polysaccharides are capable of promoting the auto- or Cu(II)-mediated oxidation of select catecholic or indolic compounds into darkly colored, melanin-like pigments. We observed that select compounds, e.g., sinapyl alcohol, tyramine, octopamine, salicylic acid or others, were not oxidized into pigments by the presence of polysaccharides. Hence, these compounds were evaluated as potential inhibitors of the pigment formation. Using UV_Vis spectroscopic, endpoint and kinetic, measurements we observed that compounds like sinapyl alcohol, cinnamic acid, 3,4-dihydroxy benzoic acid, 5-hydroxy indole-3-acetic acid did inhibit the pigment formation from epinephrine. Compounds like octopamine or salicylic acid appeared not to affect the reaction. However, the presence of tyramine appeared to promote pigment formation from epinephrine or other starting compounds.

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Enas Ahmed A Alshaeri, "Study of the Possible Inhibition of Melanin Synthesis by Select Compounds" (2017). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI10275268.