Characterization of Novel Paralogs of Glucose Transporter (GLUT) in Birds

Albatoul Ali Alhathlol, Tennessee State University


Cellular glucose uptake is an important process for energy balance. In most species, cells take up glucose by passive, facilitative transport process. The facilitated glucose transporters (gene symbol SLC2A, protein symbol GLUT) have eleven members that have been identified in chickens. Previous investigations have shown that in chicken tissues, glucose transporter 5 (GLUT5) which known as fructose transporter has mRNA expression in small intestine. In order to estimate the role of GLUT5 in chicken, we studied the levels of mRNA across different tissues in chickens beside the responses to dietary manipulation on adipose tissues. The mRNA levels were assayed using RT-qPCR. After completing sequence analysis, we detected 2 members similar to GLUT5 and GLUT9 in human. Results showed that (1) GLUT5 has a high level of mRNA expression in the chicken intestine followed by kidney, liver, adipose tissues, pancreas, muscle and heart. (2) GLUT9L has a high level of mRNA expression in the chicken kidney followed by intestine, pancreas, adipose tissues, heart, muscle and liver. GLUT9L has the minimal expressions in liver tissues. GLUT5 mRNA has the minimal expressions in muscle and heart tissues. In addition, we examined mRNA expression of GLUT5 and GLUT9L on chickens at 4 WOA, raised in three dietary treatment groups, recommended standard diet (RSD) and high caloric diet (HCD) and high protein diet (HPD).Result showed that there is no significant difference in GLUT5 and GLUT9L mRNA expression due to diet.

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Albatoul Ali Alhathlol, "Characterization of Novel Paralogs of Glucose Transporter (GLUT) in Birds" (2017). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI10268343.