The Effects of a Teacher Pay Incentive Program on Middle School Teachers' Effectiveness and Their Students' Achievement

Sharon Leftwich Griggs, Tennessee State University


The purpose of this quantitative study was to investigate the differences in teacher effect levels of those participating in PASS (Group I) compared to those not participating in the PASS Program (Group II) based on years of teaching experience and advanced degrees. The sample for this study was comprised of 101 middle school teachers from the Putnam County Schools System who taught during the 2010–2011, 2011–2012, and 2012–2013 school years in the TCAP tested areas of reading/language arts, math, science and social studies. Group I consisted of 37 male and female teachers who chose to participate in the PASS Program and Group II consisted of 64 male and female teachers at the middle school level in the tested areas of Reading Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies who chose not to participate in the PASS Program. This quantitative study used an ex post facto, casual comparative research design to determine the effects of PAS teachers on their students’ academic growth over the school year 2012–2013. The data collected in this research study were collected from district TVAAS reports. The data collected were the teachers’ Level of Effectiveness (LOE) scores for the sample population. Descriptive statistics for the TVAAS LOE scores were calculated using an analysis of covariance (ANCOVA). Results were obtained from the analysis of the data. The results indicated that all null hypotheses were retained since there were no statistical significant differences. PASS did not positively impact participating teachers’ TVAAS LOE scores compared to teachers who did not participate in the program based on their students’ academic growth measured by the TCAP assessment. One recommendation would be to put into place a meaningful and purposeful Professional Development Program for the district. All offerings should be research based and reflect best practices. A second recommendation would be to increase the sample size. Finally a recommendation to include a qualitative measure such as a teacher survey could strengthen the study. .

Subject Area

Educational leadership|Educational administration

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Sharon Leftwich Griggs, "The Effects of a Teacher Pay Incentive Program on Middle School Teachers' Effectiveness and Their Students' Achievement" (2017). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI10267850.