Design and implementation of an experimental platform for cloud based real time networked control system

Mohammad Arafatur Rahman, Tennessee State University


A recent advancement in computing technology referred to as cloud computing enables us to access computational resources over traditional communication system such as the internet. There are two key benefits associated with cloud computing (1) multiple devices can share computational resources (2)devices can use cloud resources even if they have limited computational resources such as storage capacity and processing power. Motivated by the benefits of cloud computing, research effort has gone into the integration of traditional control system and cloud computing. So far most of the research effort towards integrating control system under cloud has been largely theoretical along with computer simulations. Theoretical analysis and computer simulations cannot adequately depict the impact of real world drawbacks associated with traditional communication system such as unreliability, link failures, noisy channels, bandwidth limitations and utilization of cloud resources on a cloud based networked control system. This thesis proposes an experimental platform that facilitate performance evaluation and configuration management for both control system and network infrastructure for cloud based control systems. The proposed experimental platform consists of external overhead indoor visual positioning system, various plants (unmanned aerial vehicle, ground robots and an inverted pendulum). In addition, a private cloud has also been setup along with real world networking devices including router and switches. Controllers for the various plants are designed and implemented in the cloud which operates in real time with the help of indoor positioning system and network devices. Communication is facilitated by the udp protocol. To demonstrate the effectiveness of proposed experimental platform controllers for the plants in our testbed are placed in the cloud and their performance are evaluated under various networking scenario.

Subject Area

Electrical engineering

Recommended Citation

Mohammad Arafatur Rahman, "Design and implementation of an experimental platform for cloud based real time networked control system" (2016). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI10243662.