An evaluation of online marketing as an option for goat meat marketing in Tennessee

Mikhail Miller, Tennessee State University


The field of marketing has changed dramatically over the years. As technology evolved, traditional marketing channels such as newspapers and television ads, were replaced by online marketing channels. In today’s economic environment, it is imperative that businesses maintain an online presence if they are to remain competitive. However, studies have shown that not all business are suited for e-commerce. Research indicates that experienced goods are less suitable for online sales that searched goods. Search goods are those whose quality can be determined from external information for example computers and other electronics. Experienced goods such as fresh fruits and meat, are those that must be personally evaluated to perceive its worth (Kiang et al., 2000). Since goat meat is classified as experienced goods, the question remained of whether there were any benefits for marketing goat meat online. Primary data was collected from 60 goat farmers using the survey method. Questionnaires were distributed to farmers at various locations and were collected on the spot. The data was later analyzed using Microsoft Excel and SPSS software. The questionnaires were used to gather information on goat meat sales, advertising and promotional activities, internet usage as well as demographic information such as age, education, income and gender. The results show that 68.3% of the farmers that participated in this study use the internet to conduct business for their farms. It was also shown that there is a significant relationship between goat meat sales and online market utilization. Additionally, it was found that only 18.7% of the farmers that use the internet to conduct business sold goat meat online. They reported that they used to the internet for other things such as buying input materials, advertising products, communicating with other farmers, getting information about upcoming auction and competitors as well as keeping inventory. Also, 43.3% of farmers reported that they advertised their products online and 41.7% of those farmers indicated that their sales increased from online advertising.

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Mikhail Miller, "An evaluation of online marketing as an option for goat meat marketing in Tennessee" (2016). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI10243632.