DroidDocker: Dynamic analysis of android applications on Docker

Gauree Barve, Tennessee State University


Android is the most popular smartphone operating system which is available as open source. Malware developed on Android platform have grown tremendously due to its popularity and open source nature. DroidDocker is a pluggable and scalable framework for analyzing malicious Android applications. It performs dynamic analysis on Android applications and also simulates user behavior. Use of Docker [14] containers for running the dynamic analysis on cloud is also a part of the framework. It allows the systems analyst to provide the desired user behavior to be injected during the application execution. It runs dynamic analysis of Android applications inside Docker containers instead of virtual machines in order to make efficient use of resources.

Subject Area

Computer Engineering|Computer science

Recommended Citation

Gauree Barve, "DroidDocker: Dynamic analysis of android applications on Docker" (2016). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI10194447.