Mulitisensor fusion for secure mobile proximity detection

Kimberly Gold, Tennessee State University


Although card data theft is one of the earliest forms of cybercrime, the introduction of mobile contactless payments has contributed to the onset of additional avenues for attackers to steal credit card data [1]. Two relay attack models for mobile cybercrime are ‘ghost and leech’ attacks and ‘ghost and reader’ attacks. Both relay attack models require a perpetrator to intercept the user’s data without the user’s knowledge [2]. In this paper, we propose a proximity detection approach, which incorporates multiple fused sensor measurements to improve the accuracy of proximity detection and increase the detection of relay attacks. To demonstrate the accuracy of our approach, we evaluate the performance of algorithm after the identification, extraction, and classification of features from the corresponding paired prover (mobile phone) and verifier (Terminal). Our experimental results demonstrate that our approach more accurately detects the proximity of paired devices compared to single sensor method.

Subject Area

Computer Engineering

Recommended Citation

Kimberly Gold, "Mulitisensor fusion for secure mobile proximity detection" (2016). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI10158692.