Network-aware bandwidth provisioning for service level agreement (SLA) assurance

Kodanda Ram Reddy Tippy Reddy, Tennessee State University


Network service provider place a key role in delivering the cloud services to the end user. Network service provider mainly has to deal with performance. Network performance may deal with many factors but in this thesis, we are typically measuring by three most common factor response time, network utilization and vulnerability, which plays a key role in the successful delivery of cloud services. A service level agreement (SLA) is a contract agreed between a customer and a network service provider. It defines the quality of service (QoS) that the network service provider promises to offer and a fee that the customer agrees to pay for its services. The network service provider acts as a bridge between an end-user and cloud service provider. In order to use cloud service applications, it is very important that the network service provider gives the QoS as stated in the agreement. A network service provider uses a set of network resources to support cloud service applications subject to an SLA. The QoS includes percentile response time, network utilization, and vulnerability. In this thesis, we are using previous work done by other person which is an approach for “Network Bandwidth Provisioning”, and designing a Routing Protocol which is used to deliver the packets to the destination by satisfying the QoS in the SLA. By combining the network bandwidth provisioning and the routing protocol, we can minimize total cost of network bandwidth used by a network service provider for a cloud service application while satisfying a QoS and a fee negotiated between a customer and the network service provider. Simulation experiments will demonstrate the applicability of the approach. Upon implementation of this method, the network service provider will guarantee the customer with exact Qos as in the agreement.

Subject Area

Computer Engineering

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Kodanda Ram Reddy Tippy Reddy, "Network-aware bandwidth provisioning for service level agreement (SLA) assurance" (2016). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI10158533.