Dynamic analysis of Mobile Botnet

Prasanthi Vankayalapati Yugandhar, Tennessee State University


As Smartphone usage has a rapid growth in the 21st century, smartphone attacks also increasing day by day. In this paper we are focusing on smartphone botnet which is on a hot rise today. Mobile Botnets are becoming more hazardous when compared to other malicious activities. Security against mobile botnets is a major concern. Cyber criminals use special viruses to breach the security of several user’s computers, take control of each computer, and organize all of the infected machines into a network of ‘bots’ that the criminal can remotely manage. What Is A Mobile Bot? Mobile Bot is a type of botnet that targets mobile devices by gaining complete access to the mobile device and its contents as well as providing control of the device to the botmaster. Mobile bot will enable hackers to send e-mail or text messages, make phone calls, access contacts and more by gaining complete access of the device. It runs automatically without the user intervention once installed on the mobile device and starts communicating with the Control and Command servers to receive the hacker commands. Existing signature based detection schemes are not sufficient to handle the malware. Bot developers are coming with their own encryption strategies and changing their schemes every day. If we better understand the behavior of the malware, it’s easy to come up with better detection schemes. Considering all these challenges, we are proposing a dynamic analysis model which helps us to identify the behavior of the malware in deep to enlarge the analysis scope for developing malware detection schemes in future.

Subject Area

Information Technology

Recommended Citation

Prasanthi Vankayalapati Yugandhar, "Dynamic analysis of Mobile Botnet" (2016). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI10158517.