Dynamic analysis of Android malware using DroidBox

Priya Chaurasia, Tennessee State University


With advent of technology, Smartphones have become an integral parts of our lives. Android is one of the most popular open source operating system used in Smartphones. It is also used by technology companies which require ready made, low cost and customizable operating system. Android’s open nature has not only invited large community of developers but hackers as well. According to Forbes report, 97% of Mobile Malware in the year 2014 was on Android. Dynamically analyzing the Android Malware using DroidBox will not only provide an insight to this problem but also help in combating. Mobile sandboxes are gaining popularity as they are able to overcome deception by executing malware in an isolated environment. DroidBox is an excellent mobile sandboxing tool to dynamically analyze the malware. We will utilize it as a base for porting to the recent version of Android. Porting would not only help in effective detection but also putting defenders way ahead in combating evasive mobile malware through an improved version of DroidBox. Dynamic analysis of Android malware would collect the output generated by the DroidBox consisting of file system access, network activity, interacting with operating system, data sent, data received logs. We will implement porting of DroidBox which will not only help in combating malware but will be effective against all the existing sandboxes. In this thesis, defense strategies applied by Android Malware to thwart dynamic analysis is also investigated.

Subject Area

Computer Engineering|Information Technology

Recommended Citation

Priya Chaurasia, "Dynamic analysis of Android malware using DroidBox" (2015). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI10003138.