One- Pot Synthesis of Novel Fluorinated Octahydroquinazolinone Derivatives

Afrah H Almushayti, Tennessee State University


One of the most exciting but complex branches of organic chemistry is heterocyclic chemistry. The primary objective of our research is to investigate the synthesis of novel fluorinated Octahydroquinazolinone derivatives. A lot of research has been previously done on the synthesis of such compounds and a number of approaches investigated in the recent past. Among the methods studied before include; the synthesis by conventional catalytic method and microwave assisted synthesis. There has, however, been increased consciousness and sensitivity to environmental sustainability hence advocacy for clean techniques and green approaches. Research along this focus has been in an attempt to minimize emission of toxic organic compounds. In this study ”One-pot Synthesis of Novel Fluorinated Octahydroquinazolinone Derivatives by conventional heating” is delineated. Synthesis of Novel trifluoromethylated Octahydroquinazolinone derivatives was carried out using 5-trifluoromethyl-1,3-cyclohexanedione, substituted aromatic aldehydes, and either urea or thiourea in the presence of concentrated sulfuric acid as the catalyst, and water. The ingenuity of this approach lies in the use of water as a solvent rather than organic solvents as is with other approaches that also use toxic metal catalysts. Our approach helps to minimize on cost, environmental pollution, and operational hazards. The approach also improves on the yields. A total of 16 compounds were synthesized and characterized by NMR, and IR spectroscopy.

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Afrah H Almushayti, "One- Pot Synthesis of Novel Fluorinated Octahydroquinazolinone Derivatives" (2015). ETD Collection for Tennessee State University. Paper AAI10003132.