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Multimedia data is widely used in the world such as image, video, text, and audio. For obtaining better sensing performance, research on multimedia data fusion (MDF) is active and extensive around the world. In medical systems, a body part could be imaged with different sensors such as computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. In video surveillance, the interest is in the identification, recognition, and tracking of people by numerous cameras. All of these cases illustrate the importance of MDF in real-life applications. A number of mathematical methods have been researched in MDF such as statistics, fuzzy mathematical, stochastic differential theory, and computational methods.

As a special issue, we aim to reflect on the current and future theory and application of MDF in the following aspects: sensor fusion in multimedia medical data, sensor registration in 3D multimedia data, sensor selection for optimal sensor fusion, performance evaluation of the data fusion algorithms, joint data registration and fusion algorithms and the application of multimedia data fusion.

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