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For a hybrid sensor network, the effective coverage rate can be optimized by adjusting the location of the mobile nodes. For many deployments by APF (artificial potential field), due to the common problem of barrier effect, it is difficult for mobile nodes to diffuse by the weaker attraction when the nodes initially distribute densely in some places. The proposed deployment algorithm PFPSO (Potential Field-Directed Particle Swarm Optimization) can overcome this problem and guide the mobile nodes to the optimal positions. Normally the requirement is different for the effective coverage rate between the hotspot area and the ordinary area. On the basis of PFPSO, NPFPSO (Nonuniform PFPSO) algorithm was also proposed to implement nonuniform coverage according to the importance degree of the monitoring area. Simulation result illustrates that PFPSO algorithm can effectively improve the effective coverage rate of the network, and NPFPSO algorithm can obtain a balanced result of effective coverage rate for both hotspot area and ordinary area.