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As a case study of the solar-stellar connection, we have analysed a prolonged time series of BV photometry of the chromospherically active binary V815 Her . The surface differential rotation in the rapidly rotating G5{v} primary caused changes of 4.6% in the seasonal photometric rotation periods. This would imply a differential rotation coefficient of k = 0.184, if the rotation of the starspots follows the solar law of differential rotation and the activity is confined within the same latitudinal range as in the Sun, having k = 0.189 and the spectral-type of G2{v}. Our analysis of the primary and secondary minima of the seasonal light curves indicated that the regions of stronger activity have concentrated on one active longitude, which has maintained a constant rotation period of 1.d79244 for about 14 years. No regular activity cycle was detected in the mean brightness changes of V815 Her.