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We obtained spectroscopic and photometric observations of the γ Doradus variable HR 6844 (=V2502 Ophiuchi). Radial velocities show that this star is a single-lined binary with a period of 4.4852 days. The primary is an F1 V star, while the secondary is likely an M dwarf. Velocity residuals to a circular orbit have a period of 1.3071 days and an amplitude of ∼3 km s-1. Three periods of light variation were detected, 1.30702, 1.4350, and 0.62286 days. The first period is essentially identical to that found in the radial velocities and has the largest amplitude, a peak-to-peak value of 0.067 mag in B. The photometric check star, 73 Oph (=HR 6795), has light variations with a period of 0.61439 in B. Although the star is a close visual binary, the light variations are ascribed to the primary, making it most likely a newly discovered γ Doradus variable.