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We report the detection of a giant planet in a 6.4950 day orbit around the 1.68 M☉ subgiant HD 102956. The planet has a semimajor axis a = 0.081 AU and a minimum mass MPsin i =0.96 MJup. HD 102956 is the most massive star known to harbor a hot Jupiter, and its planet is only the third known to orbit within 0.6 AU of a star more massive than 1.5 M☉. Based on our sample of 137 subgiants with M⋆>1.45 M☉, we find that 0.5%–2.3% of A-type stars harbor a close-in planet (a < 0.1 AU) with MPsin i > 1 MJup, consistent with hot-Jupiter occurrence for Sun-like stars. Thus, the paucity of planets with 0.1 AU < a < 1.0 AU around intermediate-mass stars may be an exaggerated version of the "period valley" that is characteristic of planets around Sun-like stars.