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We have determined the spectroscopic orbits of five γ Dor variables, HD 776, HD 6568, HD 17310, HD 19684, and HD 62196. Their orbital periods range from 27.8 to 1163 days and their eccentricities from 0.01 to 0.65. Of the five systems, only HD 19684 shows lines of its binary companion, but those lines are always so weak and blended with the lines of the primary that we were unable to measure them satisfactorily. The velocity residuals of the orbital fits were searched for periodicities associated with pulsation. No clear, convincing case for velocity periodicities in the residuals was found in four of the five stars. However, for HD 17310 we identified a period of 2.13434 days, a value in agreement with the largest amplitude period previously found photometrically for that star. The velocity residuals of HD 62196 have a long-term trend suggesting that it is a triple system.