Cosmas O. Okoro, Tennessee State University
Tasneem Siddiquee, Tennessee State University
Olugbeminiyi O. Fadeyi, Tennessee State University


In the title compound, C14H8Br2F3NO, the mol­ecule is disordered across an approximate non-crystallographic mirror plane, which is in the plane of the fused ring system [The tetrahedral C atom bearing the trifluormethyl substituent is disordered with site occupancy factors of 0.80 (2) and 0.20 (2)]. In the crystal, a one-dimensional stacking of mol­ecules involves inter­actions between the pyridine ring and symmetry-related Br and O atoms of adjacent mol­ecules. The stacking distance between the mean planes of adjacent mol­ecules is 3.395 (4) Å.