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Global increasing demand in the need of energy leads to the development of non-conventional, high power energy sources. Supercapacitors (SCs) are one of the typical non-conventional energy storage devices which are based on the principle of electrochemical energy conversion. SCs are promising energy storage devices for better future energy technology. Increasing progress has been made in the development of applied and fundamental aspects of SCs. Manganese oxide electrode materials have been well studied; however, their capacitive performance is still inadequate for practical applications. Recent research is mainly focused on enhancing manganese oxide capacitive performance through the incorporation of electrically conductive materials and by controlling its morphology to reveal a more active surface area for redox reactions. In this review, progress in the applications of manganese oxide carbon-based materials towards the development of highly effective SCs is briefly discussed. In this regard, manganese oxide carbon-based nanocomposites synthesis methods and techniques used to approximate the capacitance of electrode materials are discussed.