Annals of Management Science


This paper studies the influence of adult education program on to the prevalent agricultural wages in villages of India. Adult education program in India is conducted by various state governments irrespective of the consideration of village characteristics. We argue village characteristics as an important variable towards the success of any government program. The objective of any government program in villages is to improve the economic status of villagers. Prevalent agricultural wages are a good indicator of the economic well-being of rural inhabitants. Therefore, as an indicator of economic development of Indian rural population, we have selected agricultural wages as the dependent variable. In earlier studies, there are predominantly four significant determinants of agricultural wages. They are non-agricultural, transportation, regional, and local factors. After controlling for these factors, we have found that adult education has significant positive influence on the larger size of villages and in a smaller size of villages, it does not have any influence. We have used robust regression technique in our analysis due to the presence of outliers in the data.