Annals of Management Science


In this study, we examine the relationship among service quality, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty regarding e-banking services. We also evaluate and identify the service quality dimensions that impact customer satisfaction regarding Piraeus bank e- banking services using a modified SERVQUAL model. The data used in the research was collected a questionnaire sent to users of Piraeus bank electronic services in Greece. Regression and correlation analyses were used to analyze the collected data and test some stated hypotheses. Based on the results of the data analyses, we concluded that assurance and reliability have major effects on customer satisfaction. The results also show that there is a positive and strong relationship between service quality and customer satisfaction and between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Each of the SERVQUAL dimensions are also found to be highly correlated with service quality. What all these results indicate is that in order to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, banks must improve service quality. Also from the results, we find that the correlation between customer satisfaction and service quality is higher than the correlation between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Finally, due to multicollinearity, two dimensions, assurance and tangibles; were excluded from the fitted regression model in the research. This makes us wonder whether, in fact, SERVQUAL model is appropriate for measuring the quality of e- banking services.