Annals of Management Science


It is not enough to base the evaluation of the performance of transport companies on only economic criteria. Criteria for evaluating the performance of transport companies should include both quantitative and qualitative criteria that address the desires, expectations and the needs of all stakeholders (passengers, investors, the community, the government and the owners/authorities of transport companies). This paper develops a desegregated multi-criteria approach for evaluating performance of transport companies. The aim of the paper is to present an effective method or procedure that can be used by top managements of transport companies to evaluate the performance of their companies. The set of criteria developed in the paper covers different aspects of transportation service performance metrics such as quality, safety, operational performance - in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. A case study on 12 bus companies of a public transport system in Tunisia is conducted to illustrate the effectiveness of the approach .We presented and applied the ELECTRE TRI method to assign the different alternatives(transport companies) in predefined categories. In order to rank these alternatives the ELECTRE TRI method is adopted. Sensitivity analysis is conducted to test the validity of the results.