Annals of Management Science


In the American law, the at-will employment doctrine defines an employment relationship between an employer and the employee in which both parties can terminate the relationship at any time with no liability as long as there was no contract for a definite period. As an “at-will” state, an employee in Georgia works at the will of the employer, however employers cannot fire employees against any established federal public policy, which are discriminatory such as race, gender or national origin. This analysis deploys various sources to provide a descriptive evaluation of the nature and scope of at-will employment structure in the public sector, with special focus on the Georgia reform. The purpose of this exploratory analysis is to furnish scholars and human resource specialists with a good understanding of the reasons why the State of Georgia adopted an at-will employment reform and the policy implication of the current practice. The analysis concludes with recommendations on how to improve the employment relationship between employers and their employees.