Annals of Management Science


In this research, we investigate and identify the interface areas or areas of overlap between marketing and logistics/supply chain management in marketing research. We do this by reviewing and classifying the articles published in the last three years in three most influential marketing journals, namely: Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research and Journal of International Marketing. Kotler and Keller’s popular book (Kotler and Keller, 2012) was used as a guide in developing nine groups of marketing/logistics/supply chain management concepts on which the classifications of articles were based. We also identify the current common areas of interests as well as future research trends in logistic/supply chain management research from marketing perspective on one hand and from logistic/supply chain management perspective on the other. This we did by reviewing recently published supply chain related articles by supply chain management scholars/researchers in the journals of supply chain management, operations management, and other journals and then compare the areas of logistics/supply chain research interests or focus in these articles with the marketing’s area of research interests or focus (in the areas). The results show that articles published in the three major marketing journals reviewed cover a wide variety of logistics and supply chain management and relationship marketing concepts. Nonetheless, the results also show that there are some important logistics/supply chain concepts or areas which are entirely left uncovered in the last three years by these three major marketing journals.