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Higher education can use technology in the classroom to meet students where they are and reduce the digital divide. Recent events with the COVID-19 pandemic forced schools to rely on multiple forms of technology and underlined the priority for its adoption and effective use. Therefore, understanding the options and role that easily accessible applications can play in the on-ground or online classroom is an important research need. This study assessed graduate students’ perceptions of five different types of technology that were incorporated in the classroom across six different semesters. These technologies included classroom response systems, a mobile communication app, and Twitter, blogging, and video production assignments. Overall, the majority of students identified positive characteristics of all of the technology used. With respect to learning, almost all students self-identified increases in their learning from the classroom response systems (88%), Twitter discussion (81%), blogging (93%), and video production (90%). The methods used to incorporate this technology can be applied to multiple disciplines with few or no changes, thereby making these options for many instructors interested in engaging students in digital learning environments.