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Industrial adoption of high-pressure processing is gaining importance and momentum as an alternative method to traditional utilization of antimicrobials and heat-based pasteurization. This indicates the need for extensive validation studies and available data for feasible and efficacious adoption of the technology by practitioners and the private industry. Current dataset is obtained utilizing elevated hydrostatic pressure of 35 to 380 MPa for time intervals of 0 (untreated controls) to 10 min, for decontamination of mesophilic background microflora and inoculated Salmonella in orange juice [1]. This open accessed data could be incorporated as part of risk assessment analyses for mitigating the risk of non-typhoidal foodborne salmonellosis by public health practitioners. It could also be utilized to validate the efficacy of elevated hydrostatic pressure against Salmonella serovars and background microflora in food manufacturing.

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